Real Screen West 2018 June 5~7


This years event fives us a chance to talk with many of the movers and shakers, in the film business. My associate Phil Viardo would be the perfect person to make some introductions and allow us to attend the conferences and learn what the buyers are looking for.

The AGENDA provides us with access to some of the industries most powerful players in the industry today.

The cost of the program per person is 1125, plus 2 nights room @ Fairmont, cost $339 Deluxe Room $359 Deluxe Ocean View Room $379 Premier Ocean View Room $419 a night x2. I assume that we will be at some point hosting and dining with the connections made. Being introduced by someone like Phil is priceless

We must establish this in our post production budget and I would like to see myself, Noah, Valery and Mike attend. Each of us will have a distinct role to get this to the Theaters. I see that Last Man Standing did win a number of awards and made the rounds at the Film Festivals. His most recient film, The Bay House lists a estimated budget at $300,000, about the same amout we are looking for on this

It is imperative that we create a LLC, as well as trademark “Disappearing Species” as well as “Rhinocaust”.

I propose that we form a production company for the proposes of producing “Rhinocaust” A 72 to 92 minute documentary as described in the treatment available under this page:

My requested fee is 5500, and I would like 5k for Phil. This event would be really beneficial to have our director Noah with us as well. He would not need a room, just a ticket and I would like 2500 for his participation. Frankly speaking I am after reviewing Cowden’s IMDB, would be surprised if he was unaware of the event. His credits are impressive and I think that if anything he can meet Phil Viardo and we can not only get direction from the buyers but negotiate post release agreements being introduced by a top notch Hollywood Agent and Industry leading producer. As Mike can attest to both Phil and I are really tight. I have already ran this past him and as long as we cover some costs and toss him a bone we are in a really really strong position, for distribution, and well educated before our cameras roll.

I have continued connections with our contact in Vietnam. Rachael Reenstra is ready to go and I would like to sign our whole team onboard. I think it would be valuable to also invite Mark Jacobs our director