A qualified Production Team is your key to success.

We specialize in the creation of a top notch crew for any size production, large or small. Having the right people can make or break your budget and your project so the balance of people must be complementary and top caliber or your project could suffer from difficulties in the post production process.

Don’t risk a production that is understaffed and under qualified, we can build a affordable crew just for you that will get the job done and make sure the award is won.

Our production team and industrial advisors are the top tier of there respective profession. We are film makers that have set-2lifetimes invested in the art of story telling through film. Our Sr. advisor Phil Viardo is a example of the caliber of people that we work with. Directors like Noah Berlow, Bryan Tanori and Grant Jensen are more fine examples of skilled craftsmen that we offer in terms of professional film makers to keep your efforts refined and truly polished, production value has no substitute.

Contact one of our offices today to speak to our staff.

California: D Logan @ 949 872 6806 – Phil Viardo @ 310 560 2276 

Florida: Mike Kennedy @ 407 466 5360