China Cove Newport Beach


In 1927 a home was built at the mouth of the entrance of Newport Harbor that came to be known as the China House of China Cove. The home was built using the traditional Chinese architecture. It was a landmark in the Newport Beach Harbor until it was demolished in the 1980s


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China Cove is a small tucked away sandy beach on Cove Street at the bottom of Fernleaf Avenue in Newport Beach, CA. The beach is surrounded by houses and the William G. Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory. It has volleyball posts, but you’ll need to bring a net and heed their rules and restricted hours. China Cove in Corona del Mar is located at the entrance to Newport Harbor, & features approximately 37 homes that are located with panoramic views of Newport Harbor and Catalina Island. China Cove residents enjoy yachting activity in Newport Harbor, as well as the beachChina Cove is an exclusive area

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