Newport Beach, California

MDI’s headquarters in Newport Beach, CA offers quick-response aerial photo & video services for Orange County, Los Angeles County and the West Coast by appointment. MDI provides FAA licensed UAS “drone” pilots as well as licensed FAA Commercial pilots at John Wayne (KSNA) to obtain just about any shot possible for your aerial project.

Boca Raton, Florida

MDI’s Boca Raton office is dedicated to providing complete video production services augmented by our fleet of UAS (drones) and aircraft for the East Coast. We offer specialized programs for industrial users for event promotion and regular featured programming to augment your regular marketing/social media program, with dramatic LIVE streaming services.

MDI pilots are fully trained and FAA licensed pilots. We are one of the first commercial drone operators to cover the United States on both coasts. Founder D. Ramey Logan, a Newport Beach and Boca Raton resident, has for over 10 years provided comprehensive aerial photography contributions that have truly covered the globe and can been seen as featured photographs on publications all over the world. Logan is also one of the few people in Hollywood (CA) that is licensed with LA Films, the industries largest and most powerful Film Permitting Agency. Logan is currently serving as staff Pilot and Aerial Cinematographer to ZZYZX films and Hollywood producer Mark Jacobs.


MDI: Your Eye in the Sky

  • Live Aerial Streaming Webcasts
  • Aerial Survey
  • GeoMapping
  • Post Production Services

Real Estate, Nautical & More

  • Architecture
  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Rendering
  • Development
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Commercial development
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Agricultural inspections through NDVIs
  • Aerial Cinematography
    • Television
    • Music Videos
    • Feature Films
    • Live Broadcast
    • Documentaries
  • Mapping & photogrammetry
  • Solar surveys
  • Inspections & Archeological site surveys

On Location

777jz_at_heber_city_airport_36u_russ_mcdonald_field_park_city_utah_by_d_ramey_loganTaking your whole crew? We’ll get you just about anywhere in safety, comfort and style. Our flight crew also includes FAA certified charter pilots capable of getting your load of professionals and equipment to incredibly remote locations in turboprop or jet aircraft.