we were robbed in a scam over 10 years ago, the criminals name is Brian J Smart

This is the best way for me to get you up to speed on what I need a little help with that, as Tad mentioned might be up your alley. I have a Judgement on a criminal that robbed us in total for 1.8 million, just over 10 years ago. LINK 1

Property : 2166 Aspenwood Loop Lehi Utah * County Abstract Records 

Ditech holds the first and was notified of my claim yesterday. balance a year ago Consideration:$163,984.20

As you see in the press release he was just sent to a 15 years Prison Term. I have a non discharged judgement I won in court HERE And the court has ordered the sale of the home and now I have perfected the court order, as of today the Utah County Sheriff’s office. received the writ today from my attorneys that allows and orders the Utah County Sheriff’s office to sell the house at auction. I have already been able to do a quite title on the 2TD listed for 400k, its expired (6 year statute of limitations) and my attorneys have will this week have the quite title action its a non issue. His wife is squatting in the home and I need to buy and foreclose upon the first to eliminate her claim to the ill gotten gains,

The SEC liens are us so it has no ability to stop us from foreclosing I am the only one with a judgement lien and court order. If I do that then I have a home in the 600k range that has 430k of equity.

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