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The MediaDev Production Development Department provides production tools you need in full 4k, film equipment currently online includes but is not limited to the following:


production-camera-sstation-bts-by-d-ramey-logan-sm2 production-cameras

Please contact us to obtain a quote for Industrial Camera Systems. We are happy to assist with the process of creating the perfect package for your shoot and we are quite experienced projects of all sizes. This connects your project with the most reputable Professional Equipment Vendors in the film industry today…


Documenter Packages

These are run & gun packages available to our crew members directors and producers. These items are not available to the general public.

 nps-nikon-professional-services-logoComplete 4k Nikon Kit: see online 

  1. Nikon D500 4k DX  &  D 610 (1080p Full Frame)
  2. Nikkor, AF-VR Lenses “18 to 80 F 1.8”  “80 to 400 F4.5” – “15mm F1.8 “- “VR – ED 24 – 120 F 1:4” – “20mm F2.8”, “50mm F1.8”
  3. Cine Lenses Rokinon 8mm T3.8, 15mm T 1.5 25mm T 1.5 45mm T 1.5 85mm t1.5 Cine
  4. Rode Video Mic Pro
  5. Nikon SB 800 flash unit 2-video
  6. Dual Battery Charger and 6 Nikon batteries
  7. Nikon KeyMission 360 4k camera
  8. MH 360 Motorized time lapse pan head
  9. Custom airplane transport case
  10. 2×64 gig class 4 San Disk recording disks
  11. Polarized filter 78 MM


Panasonic GH 4k MFT Kit: costs online

Panasonic Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 a & DMW-YAGH 4K Video Interface Compact System – DMC-GH4-YAGH

The Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with Interface Unit provides you with a hybrid camera capable of 16 MP photos and high-resolution 4K video, and an interface unit designed to add the audio/video connections needed for professional video productions. The 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor and 4-CPU Venus Engine of the GH4 can capture UHD 4K 3840×2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096×2160 video at 24p. The camera also features a weathered-sealed magnesium alloy body, an OLED monitor and electronic viewfinder, and a high-speed 49-point auto focus system. Additional video features include focus peaking, time code support, and cine-like gamma options.

The GH4 delivers video quality surpassing many professional video cameras. Video can be recorded in a variety of formats, from efficient AVCHD and AVCHD Progressive, to 200 Mbps All-Intra and 100 Mbps IPB MOV and MP4 formats. And because the GH4 is a global camera, the system frequency can be switched between 59.94 Hz (23.98 Hz) and 50 Hz, yielding a variety of recording options including 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p, and 59.94p. The system can also be switched to 24 Hz to capture true 24p in HD and 4K resolutions. Video and photos are recorded to an SD/SDHC/SDXC

  1. Panasonic GH 4 Micro MFT pro with pro Lumix DMW-YAGH Interface Unit for GH4  SDI 4K video in 4:2:2lumix-rig2 10-bit, dual-link 4:2:2
  2. MFT lenses: 12mm F 1.8, 15mm F 1.8, 25mm F 1.8, 13 to 42mm and 45mm & 35mm to 100mm F 2.8, Metabones .062 MFT to Nikon lens adapter allows use of the Rikonon Cine lens collection
  3. Atomo’s Shogun RAW 4K pro res recorder/ quad-link SDI 4K video in 4:2:2 10-bit, dual-link 4:2:2
  4. 1x 300 gig SSD HDD drives for Shogun
  5. 6x Sony batteries
  6. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam

DJI Osmo Kit Complete w/ X5 Micro 4/3rds (MFT) camera

  1. DJI OSMO Stabilized mount for X 5
  2. DJI X5 Microsoft 4/3rds (MFT) camera
  3. 12mm 15mm 25mm 13 to 42mm and 45mm MFT lenses
  4. (or) DJI X3 lit (180 a day)
  5. Accessories mount with 2 hot shoes
  6. .3 .6 .9 ND & polarizing filters
  7. 2 x HDMI to Mini HDMI coiling cables
  8. 1080 monitor (Sony battery mount)
  9. 3x large Sony batteries
  10. 4x small Sony batteries
  11. Sony Battery Charger

12-channel-remote-audio-system-by-d-ramey-logan-smAudio kit: –

  1. Digital Stereo recorder
  2. TASCAM DR-70 in a K-Tek Sting Ray bag
  3. 2 x Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone Combo Systems
  4. 2 Sennheiser interviewer Mics
  5. Rode Shotgun Mic
  6. Rode Video Mic Pro
  7. Audio Technica Headphones
  8. Nice canceling Bose Headphones
  9. 1 Wired LAV mic
  10. Rode Mic Boom
  11. XLR Cables (4)
  12. Lowepro S&F Technical Harness
  13. Pelican Case with custom Foam Interior

Commercial UAS systems

This unit is only available to one of our certified pilots, please visit the pilot lounge to review our FAA certified pilots

  1. Phantom 3 Profession by DJI (Scout Drone) 4k w ND filters w/3 power Cells
  2. Inspire 1 v 1 – FAA Registration: N1488F
  3. X 3 camera (4k) N
  4. Inspire 1 V 2 Professional w/X 5 – FAA Registration: N148FD
  5. 12mm 15mm 25mm 13 to 42mm and 45mm MFT lenses
  6. Complete selection of High Quality ND and color filters
  7. 3 DJI Inspire Remote controllers
  8. 8 TB 47 power Cells
  9. 2 TB 48 power Cells
  10. Inspire charging brick
  11. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam

Go Pro Systems (4 units Cameras)

  1. Go Pro 3 Black x2
  2. Go Pro 4 Black
  3. 3. Go Pro 5 Black
  4. Vidpro VIMH360 MH-360 Motorized Time-Lapse Pan Head
  5. Carbon Fiber Tripod
  6. I Pad 4 Mini touch w/32 gigs
  7. Cases, mounts converters, battery backs, video backs, and a complete series of professional mounts as well as aviation audio adaptors make this kit a comprehensive go pro kit to capture your production from every angle.
  8. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam

Light Kit

  1. 2x 1000 Watt Draco “Daylight” studio LED ac/dc lamps with V mount battery
  2. 1 x 600 Watt Draco bi color LED studio light ac/dc lamps with V mount battery
  3. 3 x Draco V Mount Batteries
  4. V mount battery charger
  5. S&W 800 Watt Tungsten wide lamp
  6. S&W 600  Watt Tungsten Spot lamp
  7. Complete set of multi color gels and barn door clips
  8. 2 x Manfratto 8 foot Light Stands
  9. 1 x 6 foot Studio light stand
  10. 2 x classic S&W Studio light stands
  11. 4 x 20 pound sand bags.
  12. 30′ x 30′ white background and clips
  13. Custom industrial travel case
  14. V mount batteries in a hardshell case with custom interior foam

Tripods and Monopods

  1. Manfratto w. Fluid Head
  2. 5 total sets of professional Video stix include 2 video production, along with 2 monopods.

Communications system

  1. 4 x 32 mile rage Midland 2 way radios with PTT and headset
  2. ICOM A 22 Nav Com Radio
  3. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam and charging station

800 Watt Strobe Kit (still & production photos) $155 per day

  1. 3 lamp 800 watt strobe kit
  2. 3 White and Black umbrellas
  3. Studio light gauge
  4. Remote flash trigger.
  5. SB 800 Nikon
  6. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam

Production and grip

  1. 4x 50 foot XLR
  2. 2 x 100 ft XLR
  3. 1 x 50 foot HDMI to HDMI mini
  4. 1 x 25 foot HDMI to HDMI mini
  5. Charging station
  6. Key Grip harness
  7. Lowepro S&F Technical Harness
  8. 3 foot bounce reflector
  9. Time Slate

Each of our complete systems are available for rental or for hire and prices are subject to negotiation. Each system is fully self contained in a custom configured hard shell case to protect the equipment using custom crafted foam inserts for security and piece of mind during gear collection at the end of a long shooting day. User assumes responsibility for any damage.

Editing and Post Production

Editing is time consuming and tedious. Our post production service starts at 75 per hour in 25 hour blocks. Time is money and our system is configured to be the most effective in the business. Hourly rate for non contract customers is 155 per hour.

  1. Adobe Premiere (suite) is the primary choice for our editorial team.
  2. Intel I 7820 8 core
  3. 64 gigs raam
  4. 1 Terabyte of Standard HDD for archiving
  5. 8  Terabyte external RAID array
  6. 500 gig internal SSD HDD
  7. 250 gig SSD HDD
  8. 1 Terabyte external USB 3 SSDHDD
  9. I 7820 Asus Industrial Editing laptop 32 gigs 1 terabyte HDD and 500 gig SSDHDD
  10. Sony UVW 1800 Beta Cam Player/recorder
  11. Sony Mini DV Walkman
  12. Sony VISCA High 8
  13. Blackmagic video capture card
  14. 8 Gig video card
  15. 1 50″ 4 k monitor
  16. 2 x 23′ inch 4k HP monitors

Distribution Network

Our sister company: Net Media Technology

  1. Our company has been one of the founding members of the web and as such we currently have a top of the line Windows Server 2013 hosing at 1 Wilshire in LA California, one of the most connected locations, on the face of the earth.
  2. Our server is on a gigabyte Ethernet connection, with a RAID 5 fully redundant system in place