While thousands are becoming drone pilots, MediaDev’s history in aviation filming began in 1969 with radio control imaging from the sky. Today, MDI flies among the few FAA LICENSED DRONES AND DRONE dji-inspire-1-professional-by-d-ramey-logan-smOPERATORS utilizing the safety and professionalism of commercial aircraft pilots.

MDI’s Commercial Aircraft Pilots allow you to film within Air Traffic Control airspace in communication with ATC by filing required Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS). This allows us to fly recent missions such as:

  • Aerial filming within controlled airspace
  • Authorized Filming of flight over active federal penitentiary (near airports and the US border) DCIM100MEDIADJI_0076.JPG
  • Flights over 400 feet
  • Flying UAV’s IN US Airports. Our birds are fully registered commercial aircraft with certified pilots in control, not your sons friend from high school, do it right the first time and call us NOW to get setup with a affordable program that makes your business grow, and thrive using 21st century tools that were unavailable only months ago. We are ready to roll, when you are….

Don’t get fined! The competition cannot compete with our FAA certified Airplane Pilots now flying UAV’s under FAR Part 107 certification, as everything changed on October 31, 2016 with new legislation regarding drones. Serious fines are common and enforced now for ametuer drone operators seeking to make some cash for commercial photography without proper FAA certification, and those fines are often passed on to the client. MDI flies safely and legally and we have more experience at it, then anyone in the industry today.

mePilot (FAA certified) run at $600 to $800 per day. Observation experts are $ 450 dollars for upto 10 hour day and are required for our more complex aerial systems. Please note that the MATRICE ONLY fly’s with our number one crew of Logan and Mullin. Training is available at the rate of 95 a hour. It requires 50 hours to get certified in this unit and THEN you must obtain a FAA Part 107 Drone Ops certification. We make no exception to this rule.

UAS systems:

  1. Matrice 600 PROFESSIONAL – This is our Heavy Lifting drone. With a payload of 33 LBS everything from ARRI to RED cameras can be carried by this rotorcraft that is considered to be the industry standard for high payload UAV’s. The Matrice is $1400 a day (Ronin/Camera not included) It will fly with the following cameras: Sony A7S the Panasonic GH 4 – 5, the Arri and Red line of cameras as well as the Cannon D 5. Commercially it is registered as FAA N363ZX

m600Minimum rental is 1 day, no half day rates apply. This craft is ONLY available with OUR certified 2 man production teams and its NOT available to the public or ANY non certified FAA part 107 licensed UAV’s pilots. Full rental coverage is $335 per day for the Craft replacement and a 2 million dollar policy. 40 hours and a log review is required before use in addition to full hull coverage.

This is NOT a beginner drone in any way shape or form and is NOT available for retail level shoots. Please review the “Pilots Page” for qualified pilots for this aircraft.

N363ZX is ready to fly the Panasonic GH 4, Sony Red & Arri in its current configuration, but we can accommodate other systems as this bird can carry 33 pounds making it worthy of delivery of your favorite meat lovers Pizza, as well as a wonderful professional filming platform.

Our Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with Interface Unit provides you with a hybrid camera capable of 16 MP photos and high-resolution 4K video, and an interface unit designed to add the audio/video connections needed for professional video productions. The 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor and 4-CPU Venus Engine of the GH4 can capture UHD 4K 3840×2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096×2160 video at 24p. The camera also features a weathered-sealed magnesium alloy body, an OLED monitor and electronic viewfinder, and a high-speed 49-point autofocus system. Additional video features include focus peaking, time code support, and cine-like gamma options.

The GH4 delivers video quality surpassing many professional video cameras. Video can be recorded in a variety of formats, from efficient AVCHD and AVCHD Progressive, to 200 Mbps All-Intra and 100 Mbps IPB MOV and MP4 formats. And because the GH4 is a global camera, the system frequency can be switched between 59.94 Hz (23.98 Hz) and 50 Hz, yielding a variety of recording options including 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p, and 59.94p. The system can also be switched to 24 Hz to capture true 24p in HD and 4K resolutions. Video and photos are recorded to an SD/SDHC/SDXC

Inspire 1 v 2 – with the X5 4k Camera system


Inspire 1 V 2 Professional Complete kit $650 per day

Here it is, everything that you need to shoot for non stop 12 hour days using top quality equipment and technology. The Inspire puts mid level aerial platforms, with the exclusive MFT DJI X 5 camera, this is more then enough for your next shoot.

Inspire 1 V 2 Professional w/X 5 MFT 4k system – FAA Registration: N148FD

  1. 12mm 15mm 25mm 13 to 42mm and 45mm MFT Prime lenses
  2. Complete selection of High Quality glass ND and color filters
  3. 3 DJI Inspire Remote controllers
  4. 8 TB 47 power Cells
  5. 2 TB 48 power Cells
  6. Inspire charging brick
  7. Custom Hard-shell case with custom interior foam


With the dream of drones delivering pizzas and twenty minute delivery of warehouse goods, some photo shoots still require an airplane, and MDI has you covered there as well.

We can also provide reasonable half day rates as well as hourly live broadcast rates, just give us a call today..

Yes we have everything from Phantoms to Pilatus PC 12’s, ready on a moments notice, NO OTHER AERIAL MEDIA COMPANY ON EARTH CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM.