John Doe v SEC 16-1414

February 15th 2018 Order Oral Argument John Doe vs the US Security and Exchange Commission HERE 

Petition for Review FILED Dec 5 2016.pdf HERE

Motion for Summary Disposition (the SEC tried and failed to convince it would win this case once already)

Brief of the Petitioner *SEC Final Brief FINAL PUBLIC

REPLY Brief of the Petitioner FINAL PUBLIC

Order Denying Motion for Summary Disposition

[98] Order Oral Argument” & Docket (Feb 15, 2018)

Thursday, February 15, 2018 9:30 A.M. USCA Courtroom 31 –

16-1414 John Doe v. SEC  15-5324

This matter stemmed from 2 separate matters that came before the SEC Mr Smart is now in the OC Jail with no bail

1 SEC v Brian J Smart

Mr Smart is now in the OC Jail with no bail HERE case 12cf2662 44 felonies facing close to 50 years in prison.

2 SEC v Allen and Wendell Jacobson 

  HERE –  HERE  –  HERE  –  HERE  –  HERE

These 2 men are also under criminal charges in Utah media coverage HEREHERE and HERE

Judgement  Les Pendes  “judgment 1”  2166 Aspen Wood Loop Lehi Utah

Net Value HERE current over 500k