Production projects for the 2017 Season


Litton Presents "The Eagles of Tomorrow" with Mike Kennedy

Format: Educational, CBS – 30 Min: Weekly: Close Ended

Microsoft PowerPoint - LITTON_TRI-CROWN_SPONSOR_DECK_RARA.ppt [CCurrently under development in conjunction with Litton Triguild Entertainment is “The Eagles of Tomorrow” taking young people inside of all aspects of Aviation. This show will run during weekend “Morning” television in conjunction with the Litton Morning Lineup that has already produced a series of awards for its educational value. Featuring Mike Kennedy whom became well know for his part in the Discovery Channel show “Airplane Repo”. Mike is a popular figure in the aviation industry and his diverse understanding of all things aeronautical will keep viewers entertained for 52 weeks every weekend, all year long.

Executive Producer: Don Ramey Logan

Distributor: Litton Tri Guild Entertainment


Poaching in Africa

Format: Documentary, Humanitarian: Now In Production

Mike and Valerie Kennedy produced this true life tale of one of natures most excruciatingly painful story’s of the demise from poaching, of the Wild Rhino. These majestic animals are being hunted and killed for the mistaken belief that the horn.s of this animal holds magical powers yet its makeup is simple that of your ordinary fingernail clippings. (the Western African black rhino was recently officially declared to be “extinct”).

Mile and Valerie fly wild Africa in search of a solution to this problem that could well drive these fantastic animals, into extinction. Aviation plays a critical roll in the solution to this epidemic, join them Flying Africa often in conditions that are far from optimal. Please check back for more information soon.

Executive Producers: Mike and Valerie Kennedy: Expected release 2018


Reno's National Championship Air Races

Format: Documentary, Human Interest


Nothing on earth is quite like Reno. Our cameras captured the 2013, 2014 and 2015 races and could well have documented the end of unlimited air racing. Meet the people behind the event and go inside the cockpit like no one has ever before and join the racers at the Reno National Championship Air Races.

Produced and created by Don Ramey Logan

Expected release: January 2018

Distribution: Netflix

Software Development

UAV controled airspace authorization application

As seasoned pilots, we speak FAA. The changing laws regarding UAV’s in and around controlled airspace is a critical issue for the industry at large. Our team has been working with the top tier staff, at the FAA to create a solution that creates a safe flying experience for everyone and certifies safe flight in any airspace.

Uber for Drones

At the current time our “Development Team” is in the process of the creation if a app, that will dispatch qualified pilots to fly commercial Drones for any number of uses, nation wide. Patent in process.