Through partnering with our  production team, construction and development companies can survey areas, keep ahead of schedule and keep your men and women safe while they work hard. 

From start to finish our production crew is there for you. Clients can view, in real time live webcasts of the work being done while your efforts skills and partnerships can be featured in social media short videos that get the message across that your business, means business.

Sharing your work through video also allows your future clients to form a vision for what it is your company does, and how these tools will be put to work in the clients mind. If a picture is worth a thousand words

This is all made possible with crystal clear high quality aerial photos, video or with real time live transmission and documentation of the construction and development process.

We can provide daily 24/7 streaming services, weekly and monthly routes with our aircraft and/or our UAV ops to keep the jobsite safe and under a watchful eye of HQ.

“Documenting the process gives us a tool that has a number of uses. By documenting the process it gives us assurance that the job was done right and eliminates potential of future claims as well as demonstrates our professional services on our website”

BM Construction

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