MDI today entered into a working agreement with Trevor Perrott of Censys.

Censys was founded by three Embry-Riddle alumni that share a mission to improve the world by wielding technology as a tool. Our objective is to support our economy through creating technology that solves problems affecting many industries. We identified a gap in the drone industry that was our core competency; ultra-efficient aircraft on a fair price. We began with a team of six aerospace engineers and the three founders in the John Mica Aerospace Engineering Research Park, where we now reside as a tenant partner.

We take pride in our team and our ability to collaborate to develop industry-leading technology. We focus on providing value and quality that is game-changing in our industry, yet maintaining a price tag that is affordable. We launched our first product, the Sentaero Pro in 2017 and are soon to launch the Viridian that is more suited for ultra-long range operations. In 2017, our Viridian fixed wing UAS was approved in the 8th FAA Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver in the United States. We are thankful for the ecosystem that helped us thrive and we look forward to passing that success to our customers with the help of our products and support.

MDI is looking forward to working with this amazing and visionary group in the sUAS space.

(more information to follow)

Censys Technologies Corporation develops remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers and government organizations. The Censys approach is to be an extension of our customers. From our family to your community, we want to ensure we serve more than just great performance, but also serve as a partner in your success.

At Censys, we take pride in our relationships with our customers; you are our first priority and we demonstrate that through our customer support efforts. We believe our customers are our partners in success. Our key objective is to understand your needs and develop a product that will perform for you and grow your business.