Air Safety 1st

To keep the airspace safe for air traffic, a commercial pilot is required for professional aerial photography. MDI’s roster of includes Air Transport Category rated career aviators with thousands of hours in the sky.

MDI and our clients have many instances when a UAS (unmanned aircraft systems, aka Drones) is not the proper tool for the photo.

Enter MDI’s world of aircraft Aerial photography


Flying a wade variety of winged aircraft, our pilot’s & camera men will deliver the entire crew, or simply survey your location for

  • most dramatic visual angles
  • optimal shooting altitude
  • prime daytime (or night) lighting time

1981_cessna_172rg_by_d_ramey_loganCesena 172 RG, with retractable gear this bird is perfect for aerial photo and video work. The high wing provides a great shooting platform keeping the pilot and crew in the shade, also helps the shot obtain the proper light levels.

This plane is based at in Southern California and its base hourly rate is $185 per hour

777jz_at_heber_city_airport_36u_russ_mcdonald_field_park_city_utah_by_d_ramey_loganNext in our line up in the Pilatus PC 12. While not a “camera plane” she can get the entire crew, and a set full of gear just about anywhere in a matter of hours.

Often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of aircraft, this single engine turbine does not need much more then a gravel driveway to land on. She seats 8 people please cockpit crew, pilot Mike Jarvis is also one of our Sr company partners. Don Logan the founder has been lucky enough to spend many hours in the right seat of this remarkable and utilitarian and robust preforming aircraft with Mike. This puts the cockpit crew on the call sheet at the location destination. You are not going to find a drone pilot that can offer anything of the sort.

mikes-sea-planeOur East coast operation is run by Mike Kennedy, whom you might know from the TV show Airplane Repo. Mike too is not only a Drone pilot but his Cessena 206 shown here can get us into seaports, small harbors lakes and locations that are no accessible, to film makers much less the public unless your Aerial Team is our team of experts.

Mike is also a certified zoologist “I have big cats, crocodiles, and venomous snakes. Our facility is a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Dragon Ranch. I rescue injured, sick, and displaced American crocodiles for the state of Florida. I have a 14-foot, 1,000-pound male who comes when I call him and eats out of my hand. He came to us with terrible injuries and no one expected him to live. Five years later, after a lot of work and dedication, he has become a major success story”.

Cessna 172 R









Construction aerial photography
Cessna 172-RG and Nikon D500 (4k DX)